Philippine Disaster Reflief

Here is the information currently on hand regarding the Philippine Typhoon disaster. These people have been hit by two typhoons and a major earthquake all in this year. They need a lot of help. Hope the information below is of assistance. The international team of Rotarians that I belong to is ready to help as much as we can.


Dear DG Ezera,

Carma MacKay called me said that you would like an update that can be sent to all our district club presidents and possibly every Rotarian District 5030.

 Here are some of the information compiled by Sunday morning. Lots of Rotarian based stuff in the works. Still being sorted out. The need is going to be more than just for initial response – although that is critical.

 Most urgent need is for water purification to reduce, if not stop, the increase in diarrheal disease which is growing and leading to more loss of life and suffering. The arrival of the USS George Washington aircraft carrier with its 23 helicopters and ability to produce 400,000 gallons of water per day has been a great help. However, clean water is still the critical element in the equation. The Marines on board are also a very important asset to help distribute the materials and assist the local Philippine military in maintaining order at the distribution sites. This ship also can provide medical support for the injured. Our US military are frequently unsung heroes with regard to all they do helping with disasters around the world.

 Shelter and food are also both very important but secondary to water. I have appended information on several Rotarian based and related groups that do great work and are currently up to their eyebrows helping with the Philippine disaster. These groups are DisasterAidInternational (specifically DAUSA and DAAustralia) [see information below], ShelterBox, and WaterBox, and AquaBox all four of these are Rotary Club based projects. In addition Stop Hunger Now, which while not an official Rotarian project was started by a Rotarian and the upper management is mostly Rotarians. All of these are nonprofit 501c3 or equivalent tax exempt organizations. All are working diligently on the problems at hand and all four are needed and deserve our support. Even if all of these provide every unit that they have ready to deliver it will not be enough to meet the need.

 As you knowI am working with an established team of Rotarians who have all been very involved with disaster preparedness and response and we are collecting information on how clubs and districts can help in the most effective manner. These are the 11 members of the Board of Disaster Network of Assistance (DNA) which we hope will eventually become a Rotarian Action Group. We have over 600 Rotarians who have expressed interest in becoming part of this group. There is also an Advisory Board of 14 members representing most all of the Rotarian Fellowships and  Rotarian Action Groups (RAG’s) which have skillsets that are important in disaster aid, relief, and recovery efforts. Any Rotarians who are interested in potentially joining this group should contact me.

After the basic first response efforts there are huge ongoing needs that require up to years of additional support. For example we still have about 400,000 people under bed sheet, cardboard, and what-ever shelters in Haiti. So I hope that clubs will consider matching grant applications for all major disasters in the years that follow these tragedies.Matching grants for next year focusing on the six main areas recommended by the RI Board for matching grants will be important. There will be many, many long term needs.

For now I would recommend contributing funds rather than materials. It would probably make sense to combine any funds committed by clubs into one district money transfer to each group identified. Below is some specific information on above recommended places to donate. Particularly on Rotarian 501c3 (or equivalent tax deductible) funding efforts.

Several Districts have existing funds set up to help with disasters and several more have just set up such funds.

Established Disaster Fund District 6930This fund has been very useful in the past working on the Haiti disaster.

Information from PDG Phil Lustig III a fellow Board member of DNA. To send funds to our 501 c 3

Rotary International District 6930 Foundation Fund for Disaster Relief

Att;B. Eugene Burkett , District Treasurer

PO Box 562665

Rockledge, FL   32956-2665

Please Identify Philippine Disaster on the memo line.


Philippine Disaster Fund – District 5000 (Hawaii): This District has been very helpful with other disasters and has good connections in the Philippines. I do not have the contact info but the DG is Phil Sammer and his email is Send checks to:

District 5000 Treasurer

Dave Berry

1341 Kapi’olani Blvd. 8C

Honolulu, Hi 96814


Philippine Disaster Fund – District 3790 for District 3860 Relief: DG Linda Wointers of D3790 (Philippines) has set up a bank account to assist. This information is from Linda Wyse (D7120) as reported on Rotary LinkedIn page.

Account No.: 0054 703 781 29

Bank: BDO Baguio, Session Road

Account Name: Linda A. Winter

 “All cash deposited to above account will be remitted to Rotary District 3860 Disaster Fund.”

 [Donations to the above account may not qualify as a 501c3 equivalent for tax purposes. But the fund was set up by a DG.]




 DisasterAidUSA (DAUSA) :


Below is a letter from Bob Grill the Chairman of DisasterAidUSA (DAUSA).  Directly below that is an article about the activities of clubs in Louisiana.

In essence you can donate directly to DAUSA by going to their website, You can donate to DisasterAidInternational – a link to their webpage is on the DAUSA site, or you can donate to our District 6930Disaster Fund, another 501 c 3, knowing that the funds will go to help the people of the Philippines.

As Rotarians we are known for our generosity in times of dire need. This certainly qualifies as one of those occasions.

If you have questions regarding DAUSA, please feel free to contact me directly

Yours in Rotary Service,

Philip H Lustig III

Director, DisasterAid USA (for Zone 34)

Board member DNA



— Corpses hung from trees, were scattered on si

dewalks or buried in flattened buildings — some of the thousands believed killed in one Philippine city alone by ferocious Typhoon Haiyan that washed away homes and buildings with powerful winds and giant waves.

As the scale of devastation became clear Sunday from one of the worst storms ever recorded, officials said emergency crews could find more bodies when they reach parts of the archipelago cut off by flooding and landslides. Desperate residents raided grocery stores and gas stations in search of food, fuel and water as the government began relief efforts and international aid operations got underway.

Rotary Club chapters around Louisiana, working in tandem with Disaster Aid USA, started collecting donations for relief efforts.

Doug Seegers with the Monroe Rotary Club encouraged people in northeastern Louisiana interested in helping in rescue efforts to mail donations to the Monroe Rotary Club, 1205 N. 18th St., Monroe LA 71201. Seegers said he can be contacted by email at

All money raised will go to Disaster Aid USA to help with emergency aid.

Larry Agee of Lake Charles, executive director of Disaster Aid USA, said the organization already has a response team on the ground. The team had been dispatched for rescue efforts after an earthquake and have been reassigned to Leyte Island.

“They are headed there tonight,” Agee said. “The word we’re getting is that where the typhoon hit, everything is destroyed, and there are bodies everywhere.”

Disaster Aid USA will provide tents, lights, potable water, water filters, mosquito tents, tools and other supplies needed for survival.

Also working to set up a special account is the Philippine American Association of Northeast Louisiana. President Janet Simon said her group intends to send money to one of her relatives, a banker, in the Philippines for distribution

 Web site:

 For additional information on what is happening and work being done by DisasterAidAustralia go to:



 ShelterBox has three teams on site. For current information via twitter go to #shelterbox.

Their website for donations is: The need is great and both the ShelterBox and DisasterAid boxes are needed. Plus the Rotarian based materials listed below,



 These are a product of a the RC of Chelwood Bridge, D1200, England. Information is compiled from postings on the Rotary LinkedIn site from Hugo Pike PHF, PP of that club. Boxes are focused on providing safe, clean water. Each box keeps a family of 4 in clean water for a year and also contains other survival supplies. They have pledged their entire existing stock of 500 boxes as well as 100 in multi-pack format (clean water kits only). These were shipped by Humanity First of London to the Philippines. They are being distributed by HF local staff and local Rotarians. Cost for each box including shipping costs is 150 pound sterling. They urgently need funds to replenish their supplies for the next disaster. Contact: for additional information.

 AQUABOX: This is a club project of the RC of Wirksworth, UK. They are mobilizing to send boxes to the effected areas. I do not have the cost information on hand.

See for more information.


STOP HUNGER NOW:  They have shipped a large quantity of their emergency meal packages to the Philippines and are preparing to send more. See below and check out their website.

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