More Updates on Philippine Disaster Relief

Here are some updates on efforts to help with the Philippine disaster. Please feel free to forward to anyone you think might be interested in helping.

DisasterAidUSA and DisasterAidAustralia have DART teams in the Philippines. The USA group helped with the previous typhoon and were in place helping with the earthquake recovery when this typhoon hit. They sheltered in place and are active on site right now. This group has a very good working relationship with another (Philippine) NGO and with the government, ShelterBox also has a DART team in the Philippines and is, or has, deployed their boxes. WaterBox  (a Rotary Club Based nonprofit in the UK) has promised to send a large quantity of WaterBoxes and is working to raise funds to send even more. StopHungerNow a non-profit NGO which, while not a Rotary/Rotarian group, is run by a group of Rotarians is shipping 1 million of their survival meals to the disaster area.

 The need is so huge that all of these groups are needed and even then there will be unmet need. Support them all.

Leigh Readdy

Rotary District 5030 Disaster Relief Chair

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