DAF Expenditures

Happy New Year to you all.

I have been remiss in my duties over the last six months.  I have been consumed in opening and running a new facility in Nassau and developing the Medical Tourism business.  However, I am determined to catch up so I have attached the first step of that catch up process.

One shows each of the funded projects and where we are.  The other shows the breakdown by local Rotary Club.  There is a Haiti Task Force meeting on the 19th which I would like to use to push the reports and bring us closer to closure.  The District has agreed to limit the ability of any grants based on our past due reports just as they would with TRF grants.  That will help us to complete.

Next I will work on the one page summaries of each project.

Keep in mind there are some projects which I am coordinating through DAF but that we didn’t put any funds into.  I got the funds from other sources.  DAF 123 is an example of that.

Thanks for your patience.

Barry Rassin

DAF Expenditures Summary
DAF Expenditures


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